List of Officers working under Customs Commissionerate, Head Quarters, Ahmedabad as on 01.01.2016
S. No Name of the Officer (Smt/Shri) Cadre / Post Present place  of  posting
1 Shri K.K.Kabirpanthi Chief Commissioner Resumed duty as CC Customs A'bad on 29.10.2015

Ajay Jain

Commissioner Resumed duty as Pr.Commissioner Customs A'bad on 07.09.2015
3 Mahavir Singh Chauhan Addl. Commr Personal & Vigilance/ Estt. / Adm / Account / Tech / Statistics / RTI / PQ / Valuation including NIDB project related / O & M / CAT / Sevottam, Overall supervision & adjudication of cases within his competency pretaining to ACC/FPO/Customs Division Paldi
4 M.L. Meena Addl. Commr Legal/Prosecution/Review/Revision/Appeal. Matter relating to settlement Commission. / Task force for Recovery of Arrears. Audit work of the Commissionerate including pre and post clearance audit under RMS. Overall supervision & adjudication of cases within his competency pertaining to ICD Khodiyar & CFS Adalaj.
5 Manoj Kumar Rajak Addl. Commr Overall supervision & adjudication of cases within his competency pertaining to Customs Division Surat & minor ports falling under Customs Division Surat. ICD Sachin/Surat Hira Bourse/Adani Hazira Port/ICD-Hazira Kribhco. Customs Divison Valsad & minor port falling under customs division valsad. ICD Valvada / CH Dahej, Shore Guard Bharuch/ICD Tumb.
6 Bharat Prakash Joint Commissioner Preventive/SIIB & PRO Section/Disposal, Local Risk Management and other work related to RMS/ O & A / System Manager and other works relating to EDI/AIU/Overall supervision & adjudication of cases within his competency pertaining to SVPI Airport / ICD Sanand/ ICD Dashrath/CFS Chhani/ICD Ankleshwar. Additional Charge of CCO Customs Gujrat Zone.
7 B.L.Meena Deputy Commr. ICD Khodiyar Import (Except Group -7) Administration of ICD and CFS Adalaj, Refund.
8 Dr. Vidyut Vikash Deputy Commr. Air Cargo Complex Import (Group-7) Export, All report and returns of Air Cargo Complex & FPO.
9 M.S.Das Deputy Commr. Audit/Legal/RRA/Prosecution/Settlement commission Cases
10 P.B.Meena Deputy Commr. Technical/Statistics/PQ/RTI/Valuation/O&A/O&M/Sevottam/Task Force/Recovery of Arrears/Preventive, Disposal, SIIB, Customs Division Paldi
11 Tejas G. Rathod Deputy Commr. Personnel and Administration/Chief Account Officer, Matter relating to upkeep & maintenance of Deparmental Land & Building. Vigilance/Confidential/Local Risk Management, other relating to EDI & CAT cases.
12 Marut Tripathi Deputy Commr. Customs Division Surat, & Surat Hira Bourse.
13 Umesh Kumar Garg Assistant Commr ICD-Khodiyar (Examination)
14 Madhur Devender Singh Assistant Commr. ICD Khodiyar Import (Group-7), Export, All report and returns of ICD Khodiyar and CFS Adalaj.
15 Nitin M. Tagade "Assistant Commr " Air Cargo complex, Import(Except Gruoup-7)Administration, Courier cell.
16 Sudhir. K. Chaturvedi "Assistant Commr " ICD Sanand
17 G.R.Dave Assistant Commr ICD Dashrath,CFS Chhani, and ICD Ankleshwar
18 Amit Kumar Nikalji Assistant Commr ICD Sachin, & ICD Kribhco.
19 H.K. Jain "Assistant Commr " Adani Hazira Port FPO-Surat, & Shore Gurad Bharuch.
20 H.S. Jain "Assistant Commr " SVPI, Airport
21 Ms. Anupama Pant Assistant Commr. SVPI Airport (Administration) & AIU
22 D.M. Thapliyal Assistant Commr. SVPI Airport
23 H.P. Meena Assistant Commr Customs Division Valsad./ICD Valvada/ ICD Tumb
24 R. K. Karnik Deputy Commr. ICD-Sachin/ICD-Kribhco vide Estt. Order no. 54/2014 dt. 11.11.2014
25 Y.K.Gupta Assistant Commr CCO
Apprasing Officers (Group B Gazetted Officers)" 
A :
1 Smt. Maria Agatha D'sa Fernandes Appraiser SVPI Airport
2 Sanjeev Kumar Meena(Appraiser) Appraiser Hira Bourse, Surat
3 Ajay G. Gaikwad Appraiser Customs, Ahmedabad, He has Joined his duties on 27.06.2016
Administrative Officers  (Group B Gazetted) :
1 Jaimini D Dhru Admn. Officer CCO, Customs Ahmedabad
2 Resma Anilkumar Administrative Officer ADM, Customs Ahmedabad
Sr. Private Secretary (Group B Gazetted) :
A :
1 Smt. Priti Suyoj Sr. Private Sec. CCO
2 Shri Prashant Haridas Lokhare Sr. Private Sec. Customs Ahmedabad
Superintendent (Group B Gazetted) :
1 Patric T. Baria Superintendent Valuation
2 Vivek Shrivastava Superintendent SVPI, Airport
3 M.D. Yadav Superintendent SVPI, Airport
4 S.S. Kikani Superintendent SVPI, Airport
5 Murleedharan Nair Superintendent SVPI, Airport
6 Chetan G. patel Superintendent SVPI, Airport
7 Vijay P. Makwana Superintendent SVPI, Airport
8 Dilip Jadav Superintendent SVPI, Airport
9 Smt. Alpana Sharma Superintendent SVPI, Airport
10 V.D. Shah Superintendent SVPI, Airport
11 K.B. Purohit Superintendent SVPI, Airport
12 M.A. Patel Superintendent SVPI, Airport
13 V.V. Mathews Superintendent SVPI, Airport
14 Chaturvedi Atul Sohanswarup Superintendent SVPI, Airport
15 M.K. Mishra Superintendent SVPI, Airport
16 B.S. Kotwal Superintendent SVPI, Airport
17 S.S. Warrier Superintendent AIU (Airport)
18 N. Suryanarayan lyer Superintendent AIU (Airport)
19 N.G. Makwana Superintendent AIU (Airport)
20 Smt. Bhavana Soni Superintendent AIU (Airport)
21 Smt. Paresha Dave Superintendent AIU (Airport)
22 P.M. Makwana Superintendent AIU (Airport)
23 H.B Nachane Superintendent AIU at SVPI, Airport
24 R.A. Pitla Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
25 R.C. Dadlani Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
26 R.R. Solanki Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
27 N.A. Mansuri Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
28 S.D. Parmar Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
29 P.K. Mishra Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
30 Smt. Lata Rajwani Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
31 G.H. Bambhani Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
32 Brijesh Pandya Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
33 Mrs. Sheena Dinesh Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
34 Bijal Dave Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
35 Bopte Sharad M. Superintendent ICD-Khodiyar
36 P.J. Gandhi Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
37 Kuldeep Rathore Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
38 Bhavesh Kanaya Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
39 Biji Thomas Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
40 Murlidhar Nair Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
41 Nicolas Gomes Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
42 Smt. Lovely Gervases Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
43 Mrs. Falguni Desai Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
44 Kumari Dhara Dave Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
45 S.M. Barot Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
46 Madanlal Maheshwari Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
47 Nair Manoj Shankar Superintendent AIR CARGO COMPLEX
48 Vivian Francis Superintendent CAT
49 K.S. Zaveri Superintendent RTI
50 Ashesh P. Patel Superintendent FPO
51 Kalpesh P Thaker Superintendent FPO
52 Ramesh K. Patel Superintendent FPO
53 Lalu Cherian Superintendent ICD-SANAND
54 Smt Elizabeth Zacharia Superintendent CCO
55 Rajesh Nair . Superintendent CCO
56 Mahesh Chowdhary Superintendent CCO
57 T.A. Joseph Superintendent CCO
58 Saby Cutiono Superintendent CCO
59 Bindu Balan(Now Bindu Buddhiraja Superintendent CCO
60 Smt. Anjali Desai Superintendent CCO
61 N.I. Solanki Superintendent CCO
62 Smt. Neena Tekwani Superintendent Appeals
63 J.C. Trivedi Superintendent Appeals
64 Anil Dhawani Superintendent Appeals
65 Bindu Murlidharan Superintendent Legal
66 Rajesh Dabral Superintendent Prevetive/Disp.
67 M.M. Gedia Superintendent Preventive/Disp.
68 N G Dalal Superintendent Preventive/Disp.
69 Smt. U.D. Ashapuram Superintendent Preventive/Disp.
70 P.V. Ramdasan Superintendent O&A
71 R.O. Jetley Superintendent O&A
72 Giri Narayanan Superintendent O&A
73 Smt. Lovely Gervasis Superintendent O&A
74 H.B. Shrimali Superintendent O&M/L&B
75 P J Amin Superintendent Technical
76 Rati Ram Meena Superintendent Technical
77 Jatin V. Shah Superintendent TECHNICAL/Supdt(Headquarter)
78 Amar Shah Superintendent System
79 K.N. Parmar Superintendent Audit
80 B.B. Joshipura Superintendent Audit
81 B.M. Kalashikar Superintendent Audit
82 A. N. Teli Superintendent Legal
83 V K Bairya Superintendent Legal
84 B.B.Solanki Superintendent Dedicated legal Cell
85 S.S. Patel Superintendent RRA
86 V.F. Jose Superintendent RRA
87 Tarun M. Ayani Superintendent RRA
88 P.C. Rathi Superintendent RRA
89 B. M. Parmar Superintendent RRA
90 Ms. Pushpa Macwan Superintendent TASK FORCE
91 Smt. Meeta Upadhyay Superintendent Task Force
92 T.K. Reji Superintendent D.O. PALDI
93 Jayantilal Chunilal Superintendent D.O. PALDI
94 M.N. Kutty Superintendent Vigilance
95 V.S. Venkatraman Superintendent Confidential
96 K. Valson Superintendent Legal
97 B.L. Agarwal Superintendent Technical
98 D.B.Raval Superintendent Statistics
99 H.A. Koli
(Smt. Apeksha Subramaniam)
Superintendent Statistics
100 Smt. Firoza Pastakia Superintendent Estt.
101 Bhagesh S. Lakhani Superintendent CCO
On Deputation
1 G P Thomas Superintendent Vide Estt. Order NO. 22/2016 dated 22.06.2016 issued by Joint Commissioner, CCO, Customs, Ahmedabad, He has been posted to CESTAT, Ahmedabad.(On Loan Basis)
2 Sitaram Meena Superintendent On deputation Directorate General of Safeguard Customs, New Delhi Relieved from customs, Div. Surat on 15.10.2013
3 Smt. Saxena Anupama Superintendent On deputation to Joint Dirctor(Adm.) Directorate of Enforcement New Delhi relieved on 31.05.2013
4 Harikishan Yadav Superintendent On deputation DGCEI, New Delhi relieved on 10.05.2014 as Supdt.
Superintendent, SVP Int'l Airport (Deputation)
1 V.B. Trivedi Superintendent Vide Estt. Order 10/2016 dated 09.05.16 issued by Additioanl Commissioner, CCO, Customs Ahmedabad from Central Excise A'bad-II
2 G.P. Sumara Superintendent Vide Estt. Order 10/2016 dated 09.05.16 issued by Additioanl Commissioner, CCO, Customs Ahmedabad from Customs Ahmedabad.
3 Ramesh Kumar A Gadhvi Superintendent Vide Estt. Order 10/2016 dated 09.05.16 issued by Additioanl Commissioner, CCO, Customs Ahmedabad from Service Tax Ahmedabad.
4 M.M. Bhatt Superintendent Vide Estt. Order 10/2016 dated 09.05.16 issued by Additioanl Commissioner, CCO, Customs Ahmedabad from Central Excise, A'bad-I
Customs Div. Surat
1 MS.NIKAM SHYAMA R.(SMT.SHELKE SHYAMA Y.) Superintendent SG Bharuch
2 N S Rana Superintendent SG Bharuch
3 Ramashankar Sharma Superintendent CH-SURAT
4 Vinod C. Superintendent CH-SURAT
5 Nanavati B.D. Superintendent CH-SURAT
6 Meena Ramkishor N. Superintendent CH-SURAT
7 Ms. Rekha Dumasia Superintendent Adani Hazira Port
8 J.A Jariwala Superintendent Adani Hazira Port
9 Prem Raj Meena Superintendent Adani Hazira Port
10 Vijay Singh Dhusia Superintendent Adani Hazira Port
11 Abraham Varghese Superintendent Adani Hazira Port
12 K. L. Chauhan Superintendent ICD Hazira Kribhco (Cost Recovery) & additional Charge of ICD Sachin
13 Hari Mohan Saini Superintendent Adani Hazira Port
14 Radhakrishna B. Toshawara Superintendent Adani Hazira Port
15 Bherulal Swarnkar Superintendent Adani Hazira Port
16 Subodh Kumar Superintendent Adani Hazira Port
17 Sameer Joshi Superintendent Adani Hazira Port
18 K. B. Patel Superintendent CH Dahej
19 A. C. Gamit Superintendent CH Dahej
20 Ms. IJH Saiyed Superintendent CH Dahej
21 D. M. Patel Superintendent CH Dahej
22 Ms. Kurian Chacko Superintendent SG-BHARUCH
23 Mohit Gupta Superintendent ICD Sachin
24 Rajan A. Zaidi Superintendent ICD Sachin
25 M. M. Randive Superintendent ICD Ankelswar
26 Manoj Mathai Superintendent ICD Ankelswar
27 Makbul Malek Superintendent ICD Ankelswar
28 SL Vyas Superintendent CD Surat
29 Smt. George Annie Jacob Superintendent CD Surat
30 P. D. Pathak Superintendent CD Surat
31 Rakesh Kumar Chandresh . Superintendent CD Surat
32 Dinesh Kumar Gohil Superintendent CD Surat
Customs Div. Valsad
1 K.S. Vasudevan Superintendent CD Valsad
2 Deepak Nair Superintendent CD Valsad
3 Smt. Jainy Issact Superintendent DIV. VALSAD
4 C. G. Gamit Superintendent ICD Valvada
5 PARASHAR DHARMENDRA V. Superintendent ICD Valvada
6 H.S. Chavda Superintendent CD Valsad
7 Vinod C. Superintendent ICD Valvada
8 Nanu Patel Superintendent ICD Tumb
9 M. B. Patel Superintendent ICD Tumb
2 P N Thakkar Superintendent ICD Dashrath
3 J. K. Master (SMT.NINI KURIAN) Superintendent ICD Dashrath
4 Kisan Kumar S.R. Jadeja Superintendent ICD-DASHRTH
5 Deepak Vasvani Superintendent ICD-DASHRTH
Inspector, Customs.
1 Ajay Kumar Samota Inspector PRO/Tech
2 Sanjay Kumar Inspector Appeals
3 Mavadia Hitesh Babu Inspector Appeals
4 Arvind Kumar Inspector Preventive/Disposal
5 Sushil Kumar Sharma Inspector Preventive/Disposal
6 Manoj Kumar Inspector ICD Khodiyar
7 Sanjay Vyas Inspector ICD Khodiyar
8 Ajay Sharma Inspector ICD Khodiyar
9 Ms.Soummya singh Inspector ICD Khodiyar
10 Santosh kumar Roy Inspector ICD Khodiyar
11 Smt. Rajkumari Meena Inspector ICD Khodiyar
12 Vijay Kumar Makode Inspector ICD Khodiyar
13 Paresh Gohel Inspector ICD Khodiyar
14 Deepak Vyas Inspector ICD Khodiyar
15 B R Kharbikar Inspector Air Cargo Complex
16 Tejas Mistry Inspector Air Cargo Complex
17 A K. Mudilar Inspector Air Cargo Complex
18 Prabhakar Kumar Inspector Air Cargo Complex
19 Harshwardhan Kumar Inspector Air Cargo Complex
20 Sandheer Kumar Inspector Air Cargo Complex
21 Ashish Kumar Agrawal Inspector Air Cargo Complex
22 Anand Kumar Sharma Inspector FPO
23 Ramesh Prasad Inspector FPO
24 Bhagwan Sahai Inspector ICD Sanand
25 Sarjeet Kumar Inspector ICS Sanand
26 Manoj Kumar Inspector Technical
27 Sanjiv Kinker Inspector Technical
28 D.K. Parmar Inspector SVPI, Airport
29 H.H Ratna Inspector SVPI Airport
30 Bimal V. Devarukhkar Inspector SVPI Airport
31 Smt Priya G Nambiyar Inspector SVPI Airport
32 Ms. Neha Vichare Inspector SVPI Airport
33 R.W. Hunter Inspector SVPI Airport
34 Rakesh Kumar Bhaskar Inspector SVPI Airport
35 C.M. Panchal Inspector SVPI Airport
36 Smt. Vandana Inspector SVPI Airport
37 Manish Malhotra Inspector SVPI Airport
38 Rajeev Kumar Jha Inspector SVPI Airport
39 Jadav Nareshkumar G. Inspector SVPI Airport
40 Yogita Jani Inspector SVPI Airport
41 Sonara Dhirenkumar Keshavlal Inspector SVPI Airport
42 Mukul Kumar Inspector SVPI Airport
43 Sudarshan Singh Inspector AIU (Airport)
44 Navin Kumar Inspector AIU (Airport)
45 Himanshu P. Shirmali Inspector AIU (Airport)
46 Rajan J. Parmar Inspector AIU (Airport)
47 Vijay Kumar Inspector CCO
48 Linsa Ashok Inspector CCO
49 Aashish Shah Inspector CCO
50 Tarun Agarwal Inspector Legal
51 Prakash Parmar Inspector Task Force
52 Ravindar Khokar Inspector System
53 Sachinder Rana Inspector RRA
54 Ramesh Chandra Meena Inspector Paldi Division
55 Kundan Kumar Nishad Inspector Paldi Division
56 C.H. Vyas Inspector Audit
57 Prashant Mohan Saxena Inspector Statistics
58 Samta Sharma Inspector Vigilance
59 P.U. Shah Inspector O&A
Inspector, SVP Int'l Airport (Deputation)
1 Kamal Kishore Sharma Inspector Vide Estt. Order NO. 10/2016 issued by Additonal Commissioner, CCO, Customs, Ahmedabad he has been posted to SVPI Airport from Service Tax.
2 Alok Mishra Inspector Vide Estt. Order NO. 10/2016 issued by Additonal Commissioner, CCO, Customs, Ahmedabad he has been posted to SVPI Airport from Service Tax.
3 Vikas Goyal Inspector Vide Estt. Order NO. 10/2016 issued by Additonal Commissioner, CCO, Customs, Ahmedabad he has been posted to SVPI Airport from Service Tax.
4 Anurag Gupta Inspector Vide Estt. Order NO. 10/2016 issued by Additonal Commissioner, CCO, Customs, Ahmedabad he has been posted to SVPI Airport from Service Tax.
Inspectors deputation on DRI
1 Promod Kumar Inspector Deputation DRI , Zonal Unit, Ahmedabad vide Memorandum dated 22.09.2015 and relieved on 04.01.2016.
2 Arun Trivedi Inspector He had relieved on 21.06.2013 to DRI Ahmedabad
Customs Div. Surat
1 Anil Chauhan Inspector CD Surat
2 Rakesh G. Agarwal Inspector CD Surat
3 Neha Gohel Inspector CD Surat
4 Shanta Dodia Inspector CD Surat
5 H.U. Mahyavanshi Inspector CD Surat
6 S.N. Tripathi Inspector CD Surat
7 Sunil Kumar Inspector CD Surat
8 Miss Madhubala Inspector CD Surat
9 Shaikh Noor Mohammed Inspector CD Surat
10 S.D. Meena Inspector CH-Surat
11 Lal singh dawar Inspector CH-Surat
12 Vinod Kumar jangid Inspector CH-Surat
13 Suman Kumar Singh Inspector CH-Surat
14 Laxmi Chand Meena Inspector CH Dahej
15 Parmeshwar meena Inspector CH Dahej
16 Amit Topno Inspector CH-Dahej
17 Rahul Sharma Inspector ICD Ankleshwar
18 Vishnu Kumar Sharma Inspector ICD Ankleshwar
19 Hiren Kumar J. Patel Inspector ICD Ankleshwar
20 Rahul Kumar Inspector ICD Sachin
21 Kishor Kumar Upadhyay Inspector ICD Sachin
22 Miss Navita Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
23 Pappulal P. Gupta Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
24 Avinash Awasthi Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
25 Mukesh Khandewal Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
26 Airan Maritin Lather Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
27 Rajesh Kumar Meena Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
28 Rupjibhai V. Vasava Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
29 C.B.S. Birana Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
30 Rajeev Kumar Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
31 Amit Kumar Anand Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
32 Kundan Kumar Awasthi Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
33 Gulab Devi G. Meena Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
34 Ankur Sinha Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
35 Manish Kumar Nougariya Inspector Surat Hira Bourse
36 Annand Kumar Prasad Inspector ICD Khribcho
37 Amol Waghmare Inspector On Deputation in DRI Surat
Customs Div. Valsad
1 Viakash Gandharva Inspector Customs Division Valsad
2 Ms. Parul B. Mistry Inspector Other than Prev
3 Cyrus M.. Kardia Inspector Customs Division Valsad
4 Paras Desai Inspector Customs Division Valsad
5 Deepali Shukla Inspector Customs Division Valsad
6 A.A. Hilali Inspector Customs Division Valsad
7 Vikas Dangwar Inspector Customs Division Valsad
8 Subodh Kumar Inspector Customs Division Valsad
9 Mahendra Kumar B Kumavat Inspector Customs Division Valsad
10 Diwakar Kumar Inspector ICD Tumb
11 K. M. Vadva Inspector ICD Valvada
12 Dipika Chandulal Inspector ICD Valvada
13 Vasant Magnesh Suradkar Inspector ICD Valvada
14 Abhinav Kumar Inspector Customs Division Valsad (on deputation to DG, Valuation, Mumbai for three years relieved on 31.07.2013
15 Zahid Edrus Inspector Joined on 22.02.2016 Div. Valsad
16 Chandra Gupta S. Rathore Inspector ICD-Navkar joined on 12.02.2016
1 Jashwant R Varia Inspector ICD-Dashrath
2 Amit Kumar N. Chavda Inspector ICD- Dashrath
3 Pradeep Kumar Sharma Inspector ICD- Dashrath
Deputy Office Superintendent (Group C Officers)
1 Reshma Anil Kumar Inspector Customs Division Paldi
M V Drivers (Group C Executives)
1 Satrugan S. A MV-Driver Gr.-I Preventive
2 B.I. Desai MV-Driver Gr.-II Joined on 21.06.2013
3 M.R. Patel MV-Driver Gr.-I Joined on 16.07.2013
4 N.P. Vyas MV-Driver Gr.-I DC(P&E) & DC(Techinical)joined 08.02.2016
5 P.S. Nayak MV-Driver Gr.-I Joined on 02.09.2013
6 R.J. Rabari MV-Driver Joined on 19.12.2014
7 A.D. Damor MV-Driver Joined on 17.12.2014
8 R.N. Rohit MV-Driver Joined on 17.12.2014
Stenographers (Group C Ministerial Officers)
1 Randhir Kumar Steno Grade I promoted as Steno-I vide EO no.11/2015 dt. 24.03.2015
2 Praveen Moud Steno Grade-I promoted as Steno-I vide EO no.26/2015 dt. 22.06.2015 transfer from C.Ex.Zone
Senior Tax Assistants (Group B Ministerial Officers)
1 H. T. Chauhan Sr Tax Assistant ICD Dashrath
2 Sanjeev Kumar Sr Tax Assistant Establishment
3 Indramohan Chaudhary Sr Tax Assistant Administration
4 Vivek Kumar Sr Tax Assistant CCO
5 Nand Kumar Yadav Sr Tax Assistant CAO
6 K K Damor Sr Tax Assistant Dispatch
7 S R Prajapati Sr Tax Assistant Establishment
8 Manojbhai B. Makwana Sr Tax Assistant Technical
9 Jitender Saini Sr Tax Assistant Customs Div. Paldi
10 Nitin Kumar Sharma Sr Tax Assistant CCO
11 Parmar Abhishek Surendrabhai Sr Tax Assistant ICD-Khodiyar
12 Pradeep Bhushan Sr Tax Assistant ICD-Khodiyar
13 Sunil Kumar Sr Tax Assistant ICD-Sanand
14 Pravin kumar Sr Tax Assistant ICD-Khodiyar
15 Manbar Singh Sr Tax Assistant ICD-Khodiyar
Tax Assistants (Group C Ministrerial Officers)
1 Nitin Kumar Tewari Tax Assistant Establishment
2 Govind Ram Gupta Tax Assistant CAO
3 Manish Kumar Gautam Tax Assistant Administration
4 Munesh Beniwal Tax Assistant CAO
5 Vikram Kumar Tax Assistant Appeals
6 Shankerji A Chauhan Tax Assistant Sevottam
7 K.P. Dindod Tax Assistant FPO
8 F.A. Parmar Tax Assistant ACC
9 MahendraKumar D. Parmar Tax Assistant FPO
10 Mehulkumar P. Parmar Tax Assistant CAO
11 Rakesh Kumar Tax Assistant attached with ADC(legal/RRA/Audit)
12 Deepika Kansal Tax Assistant Joined as TA on 02.03.2016
13 Kishor C. Patel Tax Assistant Customs Division Valsad.
14 Amit Rathee Tax Assistant Establishment
15 Sandeep Singh Tax Assistant Statistics
16 Puneet Sharma Tax Assistant O&A
17 Bhardwaj Bhaskar Tax Assistant CCO
18 Jarnail Singh Tax Assistant Audit
19 Ms. Manisha Sharma Tax Assistant Attached with JC(Prev.)
20 Deependra Singh Bhadauria Tax Assistant Establishment
21 Ms. Vijeta Gupta Tax Assistant Attached with ADC(P&V)
22 Ms. Manita Tax Assistant Vigilance
Junior Hindi Translator (Group C Ministerial)
1 Lavesh Kumar Jr. Hindi Translator posted vide EO No. 36/2014 dt. 22.08.2014 by ADC(CCO), Gujarat Zone and resume duty on 22.08.2014 in Customs Ahmedabad.
2 Prashant Bhaskar Jr. Hindi Translator Appeals
Lower Division Clerks (Group C Ministerial)
1 I.B. Pathan Lower Division Clerk Customs, Div. Surat
2 R. K. Pujara Lower Division Clerk Dispatch Section
3 P.K. Trivedi Lower Division Clerk Div. paldi Promoted
4 P.D. Magarwadida Lower Division Clerk Legal/Audit/RRA
5 Jatin D. Vyas Lower Division Clerk CCO,
6 Manoj S. Kshatriya Lower Division Clerk FPO
7 Vinod Kumar K. Rangi Lower Division Clerk O&A
8 Sanjay S. Verma Lower Division Clerk Vig/Confidential
9 Barot Saurabhkumar B. Lower Division Clerk Adm.
ASI(Weapons), Customs A'bad
-- ASI(Weapons)
Head Havaldars (Group C Officers)
1 N. A. Pathan Head Havaldar Customs Division Paldi
2 S.J. Kotad Head Havaldar Joint Control Room joined on23.12.2015
3 A J Makwana Head Havaldar RCP-Palanpur
4 S H Waghela Head Havaldar Santalpur vide Office order No. 04/2015 dated 27.08.2015 issued by DC Custom Div. Paldi
5 Y A Oza Head Havaldar Asara
6 Smt. Minaxiben B. Parmar Head Havaldar SVPI AIRPORT Joined on 02.02.2016
7 D. D. Makwana Head Havaldar Commissioner's Cabin joined on 19.01.2016
8 R B Chaudhary Head Havaldar RCP- Radhanpur
9 I A Shaikh Head Havaldar Palanpur
10 P N Jogi Head Havaldar Palanpur
11 V. G. Bavalya Head Havaldar Appeals joined on 21.01.2016
12 H.S Rohit Head Havaldar ADC(P&V) Office joined on 12.01.2016
13 Pramod M. Parmar Head Havaldar Dog Handler at Airport
14 Parmar jagdishbhai M. Head Havaldar Legal/RRA/Audit joined
15 Desai Mohan Bhai J. Head Havaldar ICD- Khodiyar joined on 31.08.2015
16 Dewar TulaRam B. Head Havaldar ICD- Khodiyar joined on 31.08.2015
17 Surajibhai H. Damor Head Havaldar ACC joined 1.10.2015
18 Parmar Indravadan I Head Havaldar ICD-Khodiyar
19 Bhaikabhai S. Rabari Head Havaldar AIU SVPI Airport
20 Dinesh B Dantania Head Havaldar Legal/RRA/Audit joined 22.09.2015
21 Banubhai B Dantani Head Havaldar Appeals joined on 22.01.2016
22 Zala Virbhadrasingh Head Havaldar ACC joined on 24.08.2015
23 Bhagora Virjibhhai M. Head Havaldar FPO joined on 31.08.2015
24 Rathore Velabhai C. Head Havaldar ICD- Sanand joined 11.01.2016
25 Prajapati Vishnukumar P. Head Havaldar ICD-Khodiyar
26 Arvindbhai P Damor Head Havaldar SVPI, Airport Joined on 01.02.2016
27 Parsttam R. Parmar Head Havaldar CAO
28 R.V. Desai Head Havaldar CCO joined on 21.08.2015
29 B.S. Desai Head Havaldar CCO joined on 24.08.2015
30 Abdulrahman H. Ghori Head Havaldar Control Room joined on 13.07.2016
31 Bharatkumar S. Vaghadia Head Havaldar Principal Commissioner's Cabin joined on 07.06.2016
32 Mukesh Kumar C. Vora Head Havaldar ADC(P&V) Office joined on 08.07.2016
HAVALDARS (Group C Officers)
1 Dashrathbhai M Bhil Havaldar ICD-Khodiyar
2 A. S. Bhavaya Havaldar ICD-Khodiyar
3 H. M. Brahmbhatt Havaldar ACC
4 R. S. Brahmnia Havaldar Jt. Control Room
5 K. G. Solanki Havaldar ICD-Khodiyar
6 B. G. Asari Havaldar AIU
7 S H Waghela Havaldar Radhanpur
8 Y A Oza Havaldar Asara
9 J. R. Harijan (Waghela) Havaldar Audit
10 N. A. Pathan Havaldar Customs Division Paldi
11 H. A. Parmar Havaldar (Sepoy) ICD-Sanand
12 B. S. Bhill/Rana Havaldar (Sepoy) SVPI, Airport
13 S.V. Makwana Havaldar (Sepoy) ICD-Khodiyar
14 D. D. Makwana Havaldar (Sepoy) Commissioner's Cabin
15 A. D. Jadeja Havaldar (Sepoy) LCS Asara
16 J. N. Chauhan Havaldar (Sepoy) CCO
17 K. J. Chavda Havaldar (Sepoy) ACC
18 T. D. Dodiya Havaldar (Sepoy) Appeals
19 M. R. Parmar Havaldar (Sepoy) ICD-Khodiyar
20 A. M. Sadhu Havaldar (Sepoy) CAO
21 R B Chaudhary Havaldar (Sepoy) RCP- Radhanpur
22 B D Jadeja Havaldar (Sepoy) Santalpur
23 I A Shaikh Havaldar (Sepoy) Palanpur
24 P N Jogi Havaldar (Sepoy) Palanpur
25 A J Makwana Havaldar (Sepoy) RCP-Palanpur
26 V. G. Bavalya Havaldar (Sepoy) SVPI, Airport
27 Pramod M. Parmar Havaldar (Sepoy) Dog Handler
28 Manoj Kshatriye Havaldar (Sepoy) ACC
29 Vyas Jatin D. Havaldar (Sepoy) CCO
30 H.S Rohit Havaldar (Sepoy) CCO
31 Vyas Jatin D. Havaldar (Sepoy) ADC(P&C)'s Cabin
32 Himanshu S.Patni Havaldar (Sepoy) Tech./O&A
33 Rathod Narendrakumar J. Havaldar (Sepoy) Estt./Adm.
34 Pandya Amitkumar J. Havaldar (Sepoy) CCO
35 Khadiya Shaktidan J.s Havaldar (Sepoy) Commissioner's Cabin
36 R.B. Rohit Havaldar CCO
37 P S Bhil Havaldar (Sepoy) ACC (Transferred to CCE-I relieved on 02.09.2014)
38 N.S. Pandor Havaldar (Sepoy) ADM/Estt(Retired on 31.07.2014)
Telecommunication Wing staff (Group C Telecommunication staff)
1 Shambhu Ram Supervisor Telecommunication Wing
2 Jeet Singh Supervisor Customs Division Surat
3 G.K. Sudhakaran Supervisor Commn Valsad
4 M.L. Patel Supervisor Telecommunication Wing / O & A joined on 19.08.2008, Customs, Ahmedabad
5 Nek Ram Supervisor Commn Billimora, Customs, division Valsad
6 Santosh Mathew Supervisor CH Umbergaon,Customs, division Valsad
7 Smt. Chitra Hariharan R.T. Telecommunication wing
8 K.K. Sethi R.O. Customs Division Surat
9 P.C. Parmar R.O. Customs Division Surat
10 Ashokan C.K. R.O. RCP Vapi
1 Gulab M. Patel Tindel Customs Division Surat
2 V U Jadeja Greaser Customs Division Surat
3 Ishwar S.Patel Skeeper Mate Customs Division Surat
4 D.V. Umriger Artisen Customs Division Surat
5 P.S. Solanki Artisen Customs Division Valsad
6 Prabhu V. Tandel Engine Driver Customs Division Valsad
7 Kalidas P. Tandel Greaser Customs Division Valsad
8 Bhagu K. Patel Sr. Deck Hand Customs Division Valsad
9 Laxman K. Solanki Sukhani Customs Division Valsad
10 Sharad M. Tandel Lascar Customs Division Valsad(absent from Duty more than 20 years)
11 Chandrakant. M. Lascar Customs Division Valsad(absent from Duty more than 20 years)
12 Pahad Singh Seaman Customs Division Valsad(absent from Duty more than 20 years)
13 Uka Soma Tandel Greaser Customs Division Valsad(absent from Duty more than 20 years)
Kishore N. Chauhan Launch Mechanic Retired on 31.12.2015
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